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Happy New Year’s Eve!  I always think that one of the best parts of New Year’s is to look back on the previous year and reflect.  I have been doing a lot of that today and feel overwhelmed with gratitude for a year that was both challenging and rewarding.  2013 was a year of many milestones for me.  It was the first full year of You & Me Events and it was the year that I found out I would become a mother.  So both professionally and personally, it has been a monumental year.

Our baby girl was due five days ago, on December 26th, so I am in a peaceful place of waiting.  Standing here on a threshold between two worlds as I simultaneously stand on the threshold of a new year.  It is an emotional time and as I watched the sunrise this morning, on the last day of the year, I took time to reflect.

I am grateful for the challenges that have tested me and made me stronger.  I am humbled by the beautiful couples who have trusted me to design, plan and execute their dream weddings.  I am excited by the weddings that are in the planning stages for next year.  I am inspired by the people that I get to call my “co-workers”, the other creative beings in this industry who keep pushing the envelope.

So tonight, I raise a glass (I am 5 days late, so yes I will be having a glass of champagne!) to all who have touched my heart and my life this year.  Especially the wonderful people in the images above.  Thank you for your trust, for your hearts and for sharing your love.

Cheers, lovelies!!


Photo credits (from left to right) Row 1: SDK Photo, Sun & Life Photography, MW Photography. Row 2: Hazelnut Photography, MW Photography, Phoebe Joy Photography.  Row 3: My instagram, Hazelnut Photography, Chasing You Photo.  

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As a former Monique Lhuillier Bride, my love for her designs and her dresses runs deep. Walking into her flagship salon is like walking into my happy place. They are having their big semi-annual sample sale this Sunday, July 14th in downtown Los Angeles.

They will have both bridal and ready to wear, so grab a girlfriend or your Mom and go check it out! Why not make a day of it?  Only five blocks away is one of my favorites, Bottega Louie… I’m just saying this has the making to be the best Sunday Funday ever!



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When I think of the color red, I think of love, passion and fire.  {And of course, I think of my alma mater, the Wisconsin Badgers, as that the best shade of red, but that’s different.}

My most recent Bride loves the color red, but because her wedding was the weekend of Valentine’s Day, she didn’t want to have a red wedding.  So, we came up with subtle ways to incorporate her favorite color into her wedding day.  My personal favorite of these little pops of red were her shoes.

Her sparkly red Jimmy Choo slingbacks were enough to take my breath away.  Wouldn’t you agree?

dianna shoes

image by SDK photo

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derby shoot 22

There is something so magical about springtime that I have always loved.  It’s the crisp, fresh air, the pops of green sprouting up from the ground and the promise of what’s to come that excites me.  It seems fitting that today, on this springy first day of March, I am launching my new website and blog.  I am so thrilled to share it all with you and am really looking forward to what this year will bring.

I am incredibly grateful to be able to do what I love and I hope to share that with you here on the blog.  From advice and inspiration to funny stories and personal moments, I invite you to join me as I share my joy and love.

Welcome to my new digs…I hope you’ll stay a while!

I want to give a HUGE thank you to Jordan at Mintwich Design for being with me every step of the way and guiding me with grace, patience and kindness.  I am happy to say that I have found a few friend through this process.  Also a big shout out to Jenn at Rosebud Designs for working tirelessly to make it all run smoothly.


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This weekend is the wedding of a very special couple and I couldn’t be more excited.  I am starting off my 2013 wedding season with a classic, kind, family-oriented, welcoming and loving duo.  I feel very lucky to be a part of making their wedding day dreams come true.

Thanks to Stephanie at SDK Photo for the gorgeous images from their engagement session.  Sunday is going to be so fun!

D-J-e-1301sdk-01 D-J-e-1301sdk-02

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Happy Valentine’s Day, lovelies!  I know that a lot of people like to call out this day as a Hallmark holiday, but I love celebrating it!  It’s not because I need one day in February to tell those that I love that I love them.  It’s that it has always been a special day for me.  First, it’s my Momma’s Birthday…Happy Birthday Momma!  So growing up, it was always a fun, special and super sweet day.

The other reason that I love Valentine’s Day is because my first date with my husband was on this day many years ago.  I know you might be thinking that it’s super cheesy that our first date was on Valentine’s Day, but can I change your mind by telling you that we were 16 years old?  That’s right…ripe old teenagers.  He walked right into the student council room, interrupted our meeting and asked if I would be his Valentine.  That’s enough to sweep a 16-year-old girl right off her feet!

All these years later and he is my first, my favorite and my only Valentine.  And that is something that I like to celebrate.

Image: ban.do

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Sometimes you see an image that just touches your heart.  It sings to you.  You know what I’m talking about.  This picture from one of my weddings last year does just that for me.  It fills my heart full of joy and I just think it captures such a sweet, youthful moment.  I know each and every one of you has made a pinky promise at some point, I sure have!

I hope it makes your heart sing too!


Photo by: One Love Photo

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